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Discover how fantastically you can enhance your garden with the new Permafence® Fencing solution.


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To the home of quality, maintenance free fencing. As you browse through our website, you will quickly discover how fantastically you can enhance your garden with the new Permafence® Fencing solution. Permafence® offers a robust design and is made from materials guaranteed to last 25 years. You will quickly learn that you can have a fence that will not only last you for years to come, but also no more maintenance. Permafence® is a Plastisol Coated High Quality Metal Fencing with stunning aesthetics and a range of beautiful colours. And we believe Permafence® metal garden fence panels have been designed to be the ultimate metal fencing solution in the market, that offers superb value for money!

Therefore, contact us today for any further information or for a free quotation.

What is Permafence®?

Permafence® is a ultra high quality plastisol coated hot dipped zinc metal fence. Available in a large range of colours and styles.

Our aim

Our aim is to supply top quality products to consumers that not only give excellent value for money, but also save all the associated problems you get with original systems. And best of all, NO MORE PAINTING fence panels!

"The ultimate Garden Fencing solution on the market today!"

Who are PermaGroup?

PermaGroup are specialists in long term solutions to age old problems. Our first company was started over 18 years ago.

Top quality fence erectors wanted.

We are looking for top quality fence erectors across the UK, to offer the high quality Permafence® fencing system to garden lovers throughout the UK.
Contact us for this fantastic opportunity for fencing installers in UK!

Why Choose Permafence®

Find out why our garden fencing solution is being installed in homes across the country.

Permafence - Green Garden Fencing
Super Strong

Permafence® has been independently wind tunnel tested to withstand wind speeds of upto 130 mph.

Using a ultra high quality metal means it is one of the toughest fences on the market today.

Permafence - Grey Colour
Colour Choices

With a large range of colours and styles, find out exactly why Permafence® is the ultimate metal fence solution!
A choice of contemporary colours to match all types of buildings, gardens and surroundings.

Permafence - Garden Fence
Size Options

Simple garden fence options. 1.83m wide panel by 1.056m high. As well as a 1.2m garden panel. All of which are available in a range of colours and styles.

So versatile and elegant, perfect for any garden.

Fence Posts - 1
Recycle Your Posts

Because of our unique and innovative features, there is no need for new Fence Posts. Therefore you can use your existing concrete posts! Which is why Permafence® Metal Fence Panels will save you time and more importantly money.

Mph Wind Speed
Colour Choices
Years Guaranteed
Hours Maintenance

New Posts and Gravel Boards – If you do not have suitable concrete posts, we also supply and fit those to. Prices can be given once site survey has been carried out