A fence for life.

Product Info - Permafence® Metal Garden Fencing

Permafence® is guaranteed to provide you with immediate relief from the pain associated with painting your fence annually. Permafence® is a premium Metal Garden Fence that is available in a range of finishes and colours. There will be no more damage to your fence due to high winds, rot or excessive moisture. Permafence® metal garden fencing has been independantly wind tunnel tested to withstand wind speeds of upto 130 mph. Download the report Here

The horizontal style fence offers a modern twist on the traditional fencing sytems currently in the market. It looks simply stunning in our core colours that include goosewing grey, merlin grey and olive green. If you are looking for something a little different we have probably the largest colour selection on the market ( available on special order). We also offer an optional trellis to really show off your new fence.

The Retofit system, that incorporates the fence post cover option, can only be supplied and fitted by our professionally trained and licensed installers.

Or we have the simplified diy option for those who like to carry out their own work.

installed metal fencing - green
metal garden fence - grey

The Permafence® design has been carefully put together that incorporates aesthetics and practicality that includes rigidity and robustness to with stand most challenges, such as the kids kicking the football at it etc.

It is manufactured using a high quality plastisol coated hot dipped zinc metal fence profile, which is surprisingly almost 60% thicker compared to its competitors giving you the sense of security you need.

Strong, tough, weather resistant steel fencing thats looks great and built to last.

Permafence® metal garden fencing really is a fence for life….