PermaGroup are specialists in long term solutions to age old problems.Our first company was started over 18 years ago. Our aim is to supply top quality products to consumers that not only give excellent value for money, but also save all the associated problems you get with original systems, and in Permafence®'s case, NO MORE PAINTING fence panels.....

Over the last few years, we have seen the emergence of coated steel fencing panels hit the UK domestic fencing market.

With this in mind we set ourselves a task of finding the ultimate fence panel we could offer our large customer base.

We came up with a design that we feel is the best in the market, that offers superb value for money.

Permafence® Retrofit system can only be installed through a trained and registered installer. They have all signed a customer charter, countersigned by our managing director.

  • They will always turn up on time to pre arranged site surveys
  • They will always show their ID badge and quote their registration number upon request
  • They will be friendly and courteous at all times
  • They will respect your property
  • They will answer any technical questions about our Permafence
  • They will never put you under any preassure to make a decision to go ahead with a quotation
  • They will offer you flexible finance if you choose you would like this
  • They will furnish you with an invoice and 25 year guarantee at the end of the installation.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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